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About Us


We are working hard in every field to leave a more livable world for the future

In every area where sustainability can be applied, we support environmental, social and governance factors to work together in the most effective way.

Our most important impact is to make our work realizable goals and, more importantly, a way of life for all of our stakeholders.

We believe in the power of ideas, not people, and the power of what comes to life. We know the power of a wide network of influence that will reach from individuals to societies. For this reason, we rolled up our sleeves to rewrite history starting from our manifesto with an innovative and visionary team.

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Nurcan Talay


Leading the way for the sustainability of our planet, providing innovative solutions and leaving a livable world for future generations

Our vision is to create an environmentally, socially and economically responsible business world that promotes sustainable practices in every sector. This vision aims to develop solutions that not only address the challenges of today, but also meet the needs of future generations. We envision a future where every individual and organization is inspired and driven to make the world more sustainable.


In the field of sustainability consultancy, to contribute to the protection of our planet and increase social welfare by providing innovative and effective solutions to organizations to achieve environmental, social and economic balance.

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Michael Brown

Vice Director

Nicholas Sparks

Vice Director

Nikita Burrows

General Manager

Michael Wayne


Nadia Rosenthal


Alex Warren


With our team of experts, we use the right knowledge for the sustainability of your business and the world.

Innovative sustainability projects involve innovative approaches that aim to optimize environmental, economic and social benefits. These projects often focus on the use of renewable energy sources, technologies that improve energy efficiency, waste management and recycling, water conservation and sustainable agricultural practices. For example, smart city solutions use sensors and data analytics to reduce energy consumption, while vertical farming and hydroponics systems promote urban agriculture. Furthermore, circular economy models enable the reuse of waste products and more efficient management of resources. Such projects are critical for the future of our planet, but also for economic growth and social well-being.

Thought-provoking insights, verified research and metric data help you make the right decisions!